Saturday, 2 December 2006


I got an e-mail back about the summer placement with P&G and they said no...which sucks....

I mean my whole life I've never been rejected....but I guess I've never applied for a job in one the 50 biggest companies in the world. So I'm not that upset about it all :) Plus it was just a summer job AND it was only a back-up.

My real desire is to go to Finland for the summer and work in a university there for the summer. International experience would look great on my CV. I will hear something about it before the end of term though....which isn't very long away!!

Also, I have the opportunity to get a summer placement in a local lab associated with the uni. Something about studying site directed mutational analysis in the papilloma virus. Basically studying warts and stuff....which could be fun.....I guess hehe. Well not really studying wart. Studying the the down regulation of the MHC I(major histo-compatibility complex) on the surface of infected cells. So should be okay....:)


Tauqeer said...

wish you best of luck! placement of any kind would be great for your CV so keep looking!

Sher said...

Yeh that's what I'm thinking but there is so much demand for these things :s

I am tidying up my CV just now....reducing it to one page. I have an appointment with the uni careers service next week so they can see my CV too.

And I need to work out how to write a covering letter. :D