Monday, 11 December 2006

Tampere and Glasgow

Okay so I got information about Finland and I don't know what the fuck they are on about. I applied for a work placement there when I was in Millport on a reading week; and now I suddenly have to 're-apply' by sending my CV and a 'covering letter.'

Okay so my CV is super fantastic and amazing 1 page piece of fricking art! So that's not a problem. What is the problem. A covering letter. I mean what the fuck? What the hell am I suppose to write in a covering letter.

I will need to do some research on that. I booked an appointment with the careers service to discuss my CV and cover letter but that isn't till the 20th; and the hand in deadline isn't till the 19th January for this. So that's plenty of time! may ask why I'm so pissed? Because in Millport everyone had just woken up from a hangover. They all didn't give a crap about going to Finland. So me being me pounced on the opportunity to get in with the other sensible not drunk student (16 of them) and put my name down. But now this placement is open to everyone doing Level-3 Genetics, MCB and Biotechnology! So from a 5/17 chance I now have a 5/60 chance. And I'm pretty sure there are more than 5 people more qualified for this than me.

On the plus side there are 5 positions available in the division of molecular genetics in Glasgow as well. But I really wanted to go to Finland. So really it is a 10/60 chance...which is still worse than 5/17. And I'm pretty sure there are more than 10 people better for the job than me!

Alas...confidence is the key. Please people (person??) reading this pray that I get one of these summer placements. It would be fantastic!

That's me out


Saturday, 2 December 2006


I got an e-mail back about the summer placement with P&G and they said no...which sucks....

I mean my whole life I've never been rejected....but I guess I've never applied for a job in one the 50 biggest companies in the world. So I'm not that upset about it all :) Plus it was just a summer job AND it was only a back-up.

My real desire is to go to Finland for the summer and work in a university there for the summer. International experience would look great on my CV. I will hear something about it before the end of term though....which isn't very long away!!

Also, I have the opportunity to get a summer placement in a local lab associated with the uni. Something about studying site directed mutational analysis in the papilloma virus. Basically studying warts and stuff....which could be fun.....I guess hehe. Well not really studying wart. Studying the the down regulation of the MHC I(major histo-compatibility complex) on the surface of infected cells. So should be okay....:)