Thursday, 30 November 2006

Had to format my computer last night

Alas! After 1 year, it needed done.

I've been putting it off for about 6 months now. But last night I was playing Caesar 4. I've not played a video game for about 6 months . Just not had the the time! But I loved caesar 3 and caesar 4 is pretty good too! But since I've not played a game in so drivers where a bit outdated. So I got the latest ones from the 'ATIAMD' site (yeh I only worked out the joined now ) Uninstalled the old Omega ones I had...and installed the new drivers.

Wonderfull I hear you say. So I restart and doubled click the caesar 4 icon and it comes up with one of the dumb error boxes which tells you nothing. So I try a few the drivers etc.

Then I just system restore to my old drivers. I wanted to play the game and I would post in tech support tomorrow about what's wrong. So I system restore....and the **** thing won't start

It doesn't get to the log on menu....just straight back the first screen you get when the computer turns on.

So I start the computer up in 'safe mode with networking' because I know the USB will work. So I transfer about 4 GB of pictures and university work to my brother's external HDD and start my fresh install. Formatted it yesterday. Will do the fresh install when I get home today.

I do love a fresh clean computer however :)

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Tauqeer said...

shabash mera thats the way forward....format is always the best solution! long live bootable CDs <:o)