Thursday, 30 November 2006

Had to format my computer last night

Alas! After 1 year, it needed done.

I've been putting it off for about 6 months now. But last night I was playing Caesar 4. I've not played a video game for about 6 months . Just not had the the time! But I loved caesar 3 and caesar 4 is pretty good too! But since I've not played a game in so drivers where a bit outdated. So I got the latest ones from the 'ATIAMD' site (yeh I only worked out the joined now ) Uninstalled the old Omega ones I had...and installed the new drivers.

Wonderfull I hear you say. So I restart and doubled click the caesar 4 icon and it comes up with one of the dumb error boxes which tells you nothing. So I try a few the drivers etc.

Then I just system restore to my old drivers. I wanted to play the game and I would post in tech support tomorrow about what's wrong. So I system restore....and the **** thing won't start

It doesn't get to the log on menu....just straight back the first screen you get when the computer turns on.

So I start the computer up in 'safe mode with networking' because I know the USB will work. So I transfer about 4 GB of pictures and university work to my brother's external HDD and start my fresh install. Formatted it yesterday. Will do the fresh install when I get home today.

I do love a fresh clean computer however :)

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Wonderfull Wednesday!

It is Wednesday today!

That means.....only 1 lecture! While half of my friends scurry off to a lab where they mate C.Elegans together or kill the damn worms cause there are too many....I get to go home.....after only 1 hour! THe downside? On wednesdays I usually spend more time travelling than I do at university. Also sometimed I have a short 3 hour lab (heh) BUT it is university policy to have no classes on Wednesday afternoon for any students who have 'Sporting commitments.'

So I had a few odd jobs to do before I came home. Got home at about 11.15am and spent the whole day with the wife. Oh wait....did I not say I was married? Well you all know now....even though zero people probably read this. I'm sure toq toq reads it though. You still need to leave a comment!

Todays lecture was by the legend known as 'Russell Thompson.' What a guy. He has this strange smell of Vodka around him all the time....yet he is always so clever and witty. It's halarious when he mocks the people who turn up late for lectures. Givse a good laugh.....unless that person is me :D And today's lecture was about DNA! I love DNA. It's great. It's just can I put it....helical....hehe. I've always wanted to build a DNA model. But didn't have enough money to fork out £60 to buy the kit. The ready built ones sell for something like £400 each! So I'm thinking there might be a market on ebay for this sort of crap, or maybe sell them to schools....not a bad profit margin;) Afterall everything on ebay these days is crap. Crap and Nigerian scammers I should say.

I read a blog the other day. I just searched my name. And it was some indian guy who was going to fuck a prostitute because he was fed up of Indian girls hehe. Just thought I'd share that with you.

What's for dinner today. Gobi keema. Yumm yumm......*pukes up* hehe....never mind......can't have nice food everyday...otherwise the nice food would just be normal food.

What else....Pakistan cricket team are doing well. Mohammad Yousuf (the convert) only needs a few more runs to have the highest ever runs total in a calendar year! That guys a living legend with the bat. England cricket team are doing shite. Which is wonderfull. Because the whole English cricet team are cunts. Especially Kevin Peiterson....hehe.

That's all. See you tomorrow.

Oh yeh.....I got to the second stage in my application for a summer internship with proctor and gamble (P&G). Inshallah I will get an interview now. I think I aced their wee gay psycometric test thing. It would be amazing to get a summer job with such a big company. They make loads of products you all probably use. Like gillette stuff and charmin and PRINGLES and and....bounty....crest toothpaste.....duracell...iams cat food (the cat will love me bringing home free food!).....pampers as well. Tahani (my baby neice) will love free nappies. OR maybe when I get an R & D job there I will discover a new bacteria that dissolve baby jobies in the you never need to change the nappy! ok ok ok....I'm getting carried away. Let me get an interview first before I cure the problem of baby excrement. heh.

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

My Day today

Was very boring. Beyond beleif to be honest.

First I had an orgasmic lecture on protein. So much fun. Thank God it is the last proteins lecture I will ever have to partake in....I hope.

If I wanted to learn Biochemistry then I would have taken Biochemistry. I want genetics, molecular and cellular biology. I want to mutant mice and flies and nematode worms! Not play with phototropin plant protein and then write a huge gaylord lab report about it. Never mind....hopefully no more!

Well no more once I write this lab report....bleh...

Came home early however. Didn't do much though. Fun fun....

A day in the life of Sher....

No you still can't have your 10 second back!

Monday, 27 November 2006

The Story of 'H'

My apologies go out to 'H' for the horrible post about him :(


So This is my Blog

A little bit about me.

I'm Sher. I'm a student. Studying (or trying to) Biotechnology. I'm brown....chocolatay brown. I'm happily married. Currently very bored. Fucking molecular graphics lab finished in one hour. Why would you timetable 7 hours for a 1 hour lab? I mean what the fuck.

So aren't I interesting....aren't you glad you clicked?

No, you can't have your ten seconds back.

It will get better......