Monday, 28 May 2007

The end of 3rd year...

Okay I've not updated like I promised I would. That being regularly.

So update. I didn't get a summer placement in a lab. Which is fine I guess. In heindsight I didn't really want one. I like to wind down in the summer. And if I went on a 2-3 month placement it would involve me being on the ball and knowing everything...don't want to embarass my uni. heh.

Anyhow. Exams are over. 6 hours of essay fun are alllll over. They went well I think. I should get results this week (but don't tell anyone!). When I left the exams I thought...this should be a solid B grade. The papers went well! And I would be MORE than happy with a B grade. It's been the toughest year academically ever (not that I don't enjoy a challenge). But at this stage getting A grades is for the naturally born genius. And well I'm not one of those. One or two of my essays where a bit dodgy, but I think the rest where all ace heh. So those few essays which are a bit BLEH won't matter much.

My coursework grade is pretty good too. So that will help. ANYWAY, this year only counts 15% to my final degree. Whcih is daft. But good as well. I will just work my ass off next year.

Well that's all.

Will post on thursday again....maybe ;)